One cannot possibly express enough gratitude for being able to perform music.  

In addition to our concert schedule, we play over 300 shows a year for seniors, veteran’s homes and care centers. 

We are able to play music we love to audiences that are both attentive and appreciative.


7 years ago, I was a practicing alcoholic in desperate straights.  

Now I am a musician with a full schedule, a magnificent partner, and I am inundated in music on a daily basis.  

Allow me to thank God, Sammy, Rosie, Dylan, Alcoholics Anonymous, our veterans, Buzz, Jerry, my beloved parents,  

and Christine for a life that was not imaginable just a few years back. 

10/02/202111-1Riverwalk Market FairNorthfield
9/04/20215-8Winghaven Pizza FarmGalesville, WI
9/03/20212-5Elmaro WineryTrempealeau,WI
9/02/20214-7Trempealeau Hotel
8/15/20211-3Bell Street Art BarMadeline Island
08/12/20216-9Schoolhouse WinesStone Lake ,WI
6/21/202111-12Make Music DayVermillion
5/29/202111-1Riverwalk market fairnorthfield
4/19/20213-5Willow Tree Winery828 Constance Blvd NEHam Lake
7/11/202010-12Riverwalk Market FairNorthfield
6/6/20205-8Pine Brook FarmSpooner, WI
6/5/20206-9 Red Schoolhouse WinesStone Lake, WI
5/30/20209:30-11Melo-Glaze Donut Shop28th Ave & MinnehahaMinneapolis, MN
5/30/20205-6:30 Guavas Cuban Bistro57th & Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis, MN
5/29/202010-11:30 Sovereign Grounds Coffee48th & Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis, MN
5/15/202010:30-11:00 Sovereign Grounds CoffeeMinneapolis
5/15/20204-6 Guavas Cuban CafeMinneapolis
5/12/20203-5 6101 Elliot AveMinneapolis
5/2/202010-12Sovereign Grounds CoffeeMinneapolis
4/26/20203-4 Beaver Dam Rd & N Ruby Ct.Eagan
4/11/20204-6 6101 Elliot AveMinneapolis
4-6 6101 Elliot AveMinneapolis
4/1/20205-6 6101 Elliot AveMinneapolis
9/15/201910-12Minneapolis Farmers MarketMinneapolis
9/14/201910-12NE Minneapolis Farmers MarketMinneapolis
9/1/201912-2Winghaven Pizza FarmTrempealeau, WI
8/30/20197-9 Blooming Grounds CoffeeWinona, MN
8/29/20197-10 Trempealeau HotelTrempealeau, WI
8/27/20196-9 MN Farmers UnionMN State Fair
8/17/20193-5 Bell Street Art BarMadeleine Island
8/15/20196-9 Red Schoolhouse WinesStone Lake, WI
7/21/201910-12Minneapolis Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
6/29/201910-12NE Minneapolis Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
6/15/20197-9 Toot & Kate's Wine Bar Verona, WI
6/1/20195-8Pinebrook FarmSpooner, WI
5/3/20199-11People's PubChatham, NY
10/12/20186-8Bragii Coffee & Wine BarWilliams Bay, WI
9/22/201810-12NE Mpls Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
9/15/20187-8 Underground Music CafeSt. Paul, MN
9/2/20182-5 Trempealeau HotelTrempealeau, WI
9/1/20186-8Winghaven Pizza FarmTrempealeau, WI
9/1/20181-3 Ecker's Apple FarmTrempealeau, WI
8/31/20187-9 Blooming Grounds CoffeeWinona, MN
8/27/20183-8 Minnesota State FairFalcon Heights, MN
8/24/20186-9 Red Schoolhouse WinesStone Lake, WI
7/8/201810-12NE Mpls Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
6/29/20186-9 Red Schoolhouse WinesStone Lake, WI
6/24/201810-12Minneapolis Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
6/16/20189-12Riverwalk Market FairNorthfield, MN
4/28/20182-4 Chatham BrewingChatham, NY
12/9/20177-9 Amore CoffeeSt. Paul, MN
9/23/20177-9 Trempealeau HotelTrempealeau, WI
9/23/20171-3Ecker's Apple FarmTrempealeau, WI
9/22/20177-9 Blooming Grounds CoffeeWinona, MN
9/16/20176-9 Red Schoolhouse WinesStone Lake, WI
9/9/201710-12NE Mpls Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
9/3/201710-12Minneapolis Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
8/30/20175:30-8:30Minnehaha Falls BandshellMinneapolis, MN
8/27/201711:45-2:45Minnesota State FairFalcon Heights, MN
8/4/20176-9 Red Schoolhouse WinesStone Lake, WI
7/19/201711:30-12:30Loring ParkMinneapolis, MN
7/16/20179-11Golden Valley Farmers MarketGolden Valley, MN
6/17/20179-12Riverwalk Market FairNorthfield, MN
6/15/20174-7 Maple Grove Farmers MarketMaple Grove, MN
6/11/201710-12Minneapolis Farmers MarketMinneapolis, MN
3/31/20177-9 Trempealeau HotelTrempealeau, WI
3/30/20176-9 Blooming Grounds CoffeeWinona, MN
2/8/20177-9 Ecklund HotelClayton, NM
11/26/20167-9Blooming Grounds CoffeeWinona, MN
9/23/20167-9Acoustic CafeWinona, MN
8/30/201611:45-2:45Minnesota State FairFalcon Heights, MN
8/27/20153-6 Minnesota State FairFalcon Heights, MN